Core of the Body

My core -meaning my lower back and lower abdomen- is in need of gret repair and strengthing.  I’m going to have to really do something serious to get this area in shape.  I don’t know what yet but I will reserach it.  My back is soo weak and dibilitated that I can’t even lay on my back on the bed and lift my bottom off the bed using only my stomach and back muscles.  They are jsut too weak.  When I try to roll over without disturbing my baby it’s killing my back because I have to lift my hips up off the bed to turn them around and there is just no strength so I strain my back badly.

I can’t ever expect to be in a real good shape until my core is good.


Weigh the Family

It was amazing to weigh myself at 78 and My huband is 77! Of course he has higher muscels to fat ratio than me but that’s ok.  Then I weighed my children and theya re doing fine.  My three year old who is very tall for her age masha’Allah is 17.3 kilos.  My 10 month old son who is also big for his age is at 10.6 kilos.   THEN I sttod on the scale holding both children, one on each hip to balance and stepped on the scale.  Can you believe what it said?

104 kilos!!!!!  This was the weight I was at on August 1st, 2007!!!!  Right after i had my baby!!!

I lost the exact weight that my two children weigh together! I repeat, two kids!

I carried them around testing how my body must have felt under that strain of weight and my back and hips killed me and my back hurt the worse. My feet gripped the floor tring to hold us all up.  I couldn’t beleive I used to weight that much.  ALhamdulliah I’ve lost it.  I put the kids down and walked around again and felt so much more lighter and easier to move and FASTER.  It felt nice and it was amazing to step on the scale and see the 78 again after the 104.

Weird but true facts here people I lost the weight of two kids.

Unearthing Bones…

It was a hot sweltering day in the desert sun as a young lady looked deeply across the room and couldn’t believe what she saw,  There were bones sticking out where none had been before.  She quickly uncovered the surface and began searching for more, amazed at her discovery…. WHo should she notify? National Geographic? Science Foundation?  Nope, better her beautiful Blog SWEATY HIJAB!

Nope I didn’t uncover a dinosaur.  I uncovered myself! I’ve been finding bones sticking out in odd places and it feels honestly a little weird.  I found my ribs a few months back while laying on my back. I always thought it a bit grotesque to see people’s ribs sticking out but I guess it’s normal.  Now I’m seeing a beautiful collar bone set emerge and this weird bone half way between the collar bones and the breastbone, it’s rounded and it’s sticking out more now.

My shoulders have become more defined and I can feel some triangular shaped bones on the top back sides.  Also some nice bones are the hips bones, better shaped and more shown off.  My feet have shrunk and I used to wear a 12 wide (44) and now i went and tried on some kicken high heels that were size 41 which i think is 10.  Not wide!  It’s amazing what weight loss does for your feet!  I’m sure the bones are happier without all that weight on top of them.

My hands and wrists are looking more elongated and elegant; though my wedding ring hasn’t fallen off yet.  Ah yes and the all important facial bones.  My cheek bones are more well defined and my jaw bone is emerging from years of layers of fat.  The brow bones are becoming more sculpted and making my eyes look wider. Doe eye effect hehehe.  I don’t want to be skin and bones some day but I am excited to have so many new discoveries about my own body.  I looked in the mirror today and actually felt I looked in my 20’s instead of 40’s.  Someone once thought I was my 15 year old sister-in-law’s mother when we were out shopping before I lost weight.  I’m sure now they could tell the difference.  Now I really feel how exciting archeology might be.