Weigh the Family

It was amazing to weigh myself at 78 and My huband is 77! Of course he has higher muscels to fat ratio than me but that’s ok.  Then I weighed my children and theya re doing fine.  My three year old who is very tall for her age masha’Allah is 17.3 kilos.  My 10 month old son who is also big for his age is at 10.6 kilos.   THEN I sttod on the scale holding both children, one on each hip to balance and stepped on the scale.  Can you believe what it said?

104 kilos!!!!!  This was the weight I was at on August 1st, 2007!!!!  Right after i had my baby!!!

I lost the exact weight that my two children weigh together! I repeat, two kids!

I carried them around testing how my body must have felt under that strain of weight and my back and hips killed me and my back hurt the worse. My feet gripped the floor tring to hold us all up.  I couldn’t beleive I used to weight that much.  ALhamdulliah I’ve lost it.  I put the kids down and walked around again and felt so much more lighter and easier to move and FASTER.  It felt nice and it was amazing to step on the scale and see the 78 again after the 104.

Weird but true facts here people I lost the weight of two kids.


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