Lean, Mean, Eating Machine…

Our Bodies that is…..

Finally I’ve taken the time to tell you how I do it.  How this fat has melted away:

What with all the diet books, videos, websites, clubs, and organizations people certainly have the idea that they need to “diet” in order to loose weight.  Look at my past pages where each month I have lost minimum 2 kilos all without exercize (excpet an occassional walk up to the mall).  What diet are you on? People ask me expecting to hear some new fad that will work wonders for them. I smile my “I have a secret” smile and then start explaining my system. Their eager smiles slowly drop and turn into looks of increadulousness. She’s silly, this can’t really be what’s making her loose so much weight. Only when I tell them I got it from a very good “bestsellers” book do they take me seriously.
  The book is (drumroll please)…….
“I Can Make You THIN” by Paul McKenna

In it he gives you 4 basic GOLDEN RULES to follow. Each Golden rule is followed with advise about how and why to implement the rule and some science behind it. Easy to read and understand.
  If you follow these four rules you are sure to loose weight and eventually be a sucess story -like me, though I never actaully imagined being one.
   For those that want to do better or loose weight faster and loose bad things like low self esteem, emotional eating, cravings, lethargy, slow metabolism etc… can read the sections that help you get over these things and it does work.  You are motivated and have more energy and best of all you’re really NOT thinking of food all day.
    You don’t need a great imagination like mine to do this either.  Everyone has regular imagination use -imagine what the front of your house’s door looks like.  That’s the only teqnique you need to do this book. A basic imagination and the ability to read. Those with super imaginations like mine will just do it with higher intensity.
     So for the most part I’ve really been following these rules and subhan’Allah they’ve worked and here I am more than 20 kilos lighter and it really wasn’t hard.
     I’d really like to be able to just write everything he wrote in his book down for you all to benefit but maybe that’s a copywrite no-no and I might get sued. So here are just the four Golden Rules that I tell anyone when they ask me what I do to loose weight.

*1. Eat whenever you are hungry.
    So that means just what it says. ANytime you feel hungry go ahead and eat something. By starving or limiting your body’s intake you’re sending it into survival mode and it will store fat not get rid of it which is why diets don’t work.
*2. Eat what you want, never what you think you ‘should’.
    We obsess about food and what are no-nos to eat but when we release ourselves from the food police.  We are less obsessed about it and can then eat things like broccoli or cake without having a stigma attatched to it. This is the hardest part to convince friends about because of all the media about bad foods and good foods.  But eventaully you will gravitate naturally to good foods and avoid bad foods just because you followed Rule 1 and aren’t limiting yourself.  THis one feels great that I can just go have a slice of cake and not feel bad because when you’re incorporating all the 4 golden rules at the same time it just works.
*3. Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful.
    This one I have trouble doing but the total point of it is to break down the food better to digest better AND to eat less overall because you’re listening to your body’s signs of full and hungry. But it’s nice when you do follow it more becuase it makes your food taste better than ever. In fact this is the main step to follow if you can’t follow 4 rules and only want one rule.
*4. Stop when you think you’re full.
    By following the above steps you will literally be in tune with your body’s needs and wont be able to overeat. Don’t feel the need to clean the whole plate off.  Stop about half way and assess yourself on the hunger scale.  If your satisfied or full then just stop and save the rest of the food for later (because it is not cool-and against the sunnah- to just throw food that is edible).
*5. ok so Mr. Paul McKenna didn’t have a 5 but I’m adding it as a bonus: Drink lots of water throughout the day.
    Water helps break food down and aids in hydration and digestion and to keep our bodies running effeciently. Plus most of the time we are hungry and eat and then still feel hungry is because we are really thirsty in the first place.  Assess you hunger and decide if you’re hungry first or thirsty and either way drink a glass of water FIRST then if your still hungry follow the above rules.

So that is about all I do. Exercize to speed things up but only do what you naturally enjoy doing.  You should try to just take about 2,000 more steps per week/day and that is all you have to do. (so my occassional walk when I’m not loosing down the scale helps things pick back up again)

I have a better Golden Rule that is easy to remember though:
Chew More, Eat Less, Walk More.  That’s all that you have to do to loose weight.  You already knew this though deep inside. The tricky part for most poeple is leanring how to motivate themselves to do this and Paul McKenna does a great job.  I really reccommend to buy this book.  I used this advice durring my pregnancy and was able to maintain an even weight.  Even as the baby grew my weight remained good. With my first baby I ballooned up.  I almost didn’t buy this book thinking it was just another fad and i couldn’t losoe weight while preg anyways so why waste the money but then something jsut told me to buy it and I did and loved it and it comes with a meditation CD for self esteem/motivation too so it’s worth the buy.
Thank You Paul McKenna!


2 Responses to “Lean, Mean, Eating Machine…”

  1. Aafke Says:

    This sounds like very good advice, and very simple and intelligent!
    Thanks for putting it to our attention. I’m memorising the tips you’ve shared. And will be trying to get the book too!

  2. uneekmuslimah Says:

    Subhan Allah just came across your blog and this advice is so nice thanks for sharing …. I too have weight problem and I’ve been struggling alot with it and I’m not married yet ….. so I’ll really need this ….. Jazak Allah Khairan …..

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