Weigh-In #11

Salam and welcome to the Eleventh Weigh in!

Begining: 108 kilos | 240 lbs

Weigh in: 82 kilos | 182 lbs

Loss of: 2 kilos | 4.44 lbs

Total Loss: 26 kilos | 58 lbs

Goal of: 70 kilos | 155 lbs

Well I KNOW I said i had to get down to sweatyness and now it’s post #11 and STILL i’m not the “sweatyhijab”.  Though I have gotten a bit ripe from cleaning out the house of boxes and getting rid of things and the water happened to stop flowing for a few days so it was a bit ewww. So April was just frustrating and still is emotionally because of the cleaning and marriage issues.  I had no time to really worry about the weight and just ate my normal meals which i guess are still doing great to loose consistantly.  I actaully got down to 81 and A HALF kilos but i can’t really count it because it’s stablized at 82.  I’ve had many of these steps where the weight has been stubborn to get lower and it’s sucks it’s decided on 82 because I’m sooo looking forward to my HUGE surprise at 79 kilos.  If I go for a few walks up to the mall or just step up the exercize (like i’ve bene saying i need to all along) then i know it will just fly off and maybe even make close to my goal!  It’s weird seeing my goal so much closer on the scale yet still not quite in reach! I still see lots of tummy fat and of course the dreaded thigh fat to loose but i can see it’s less.  I gotta figure out soon the best way to firm up this extra skin created by the weight loss.  Maybe just exercizing can do it?  I hope so.  I don’t want to have to do any drastic surgeries like i saw this one guy on tv needed for his baggy skin left over from weight loss.  I do have more energy than i ever thought before but still my back aches something fierce from breastfeeding and lifting short (young) kids all day.  I feel like I’m falling apart and i’m only 24.  Of course because of my large weight gain as a pre-teen my body already had too much to cope with at a young age.  Sometimes I really wonder if I can get a nice body shape.  I’ve lost 26 kilos so far and still I don’t feel confortable with myself.  I still need a lot more to go.  Maybe even beyond 75 kilos but we’ll see once i get to that.

My sleeping schedule has been extremely erratic and maybe that is slowing my body down mentally because sometimes i just feel i wanna nap all day and have no energy to finish things.  I take a good shot of soda or coffee I KNOW! 2 big no-nos but when you have 2 kids to deal with you just HAVE to be mentally alert. I just hope to finish this sorting and get on with organizing my life. So wish me better this month that i can loose past 79.  Soon I will update my site about HOW I eat and what methods i use.  Take care and I hope you all are having success too.


One Response to “Weigh-In #11”

  1. ummabdurrahman Says:

    Salamu alaikum

    congratulations on the weightloss. I hadn’t realised that you and american muslima writer are the same person.

    58lbs lost is a great acomplishment. You should be really proud of yourself. Last year I went from 190 to 160 and I’m currently trying to lose another 20 inshaAllah. I wil be one hot mama then although I have to say I’m feeling kinda hot nowadays for some weird reason.

    Man these kids sure will do it to you. I was in good shape until I had my son and holding onto all those pounds for over 3 years couldnt be blamed on him anymore.

    I’m also an american(white) convert to islam. I converted at the age of 19 and married my arab husband at 21. We now have an almost 5 year old son. You should stop by my blog sometimes. I’ll have to put you on my blog rounds.

    Keep up the good work.

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