I’ve had the same clothes for a long time now. When I first went to Lebanon I brought only the clothes that were modest and flattered my figure (which weren’t many). Once there I got two new outfits, a mess of long house abayas, an outside abaya, and a bunch of hijabs. Over the years I’ve gotten more outside abayas, and when I went to USA I got a whole mess of new skirts and pants and such.
After I came back to Lebanon from my visit to USA I was pregnant with my second baby. All these nice pants and skirts slowly began being stretched (since I knew it was useless to buy new maternity clothes) and many pants lost the battle of the baby-bulge and popped their zippers or blew out the seams on the butt. Even my skirts with zippers I could only wear them with the zippers open and eventaully under the baby bump. After all this weight loss I’ve been slowly seeing how many skirts I can zip up and so far not many of the tighter ones.
Until yesterday! I pulled on my beautiful black, with big blue and brown flowers, skirt and winced as I zipped it up in the back and gave a sigh of relief as it zipped cleanly and it didn’t hurt to breathe. It fits very snuggly around the middle I admit, but at least it zips! It’s encouraging me to really keep going and work on every kilo seriously.
-Maybe one day I’ll actaully get around to sewing back up the seams of the blow out pants and look better than before in them too.


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