We are surrounded by temptation everywhere in this life….

One of my biggest temptations is sweets! AHHH CHOCOLATE, COCONUT COOKIES, CAKES, PIES, MOUGLI, SUGAR!!!!!!!!!

I have been doing excellent because with limited money means not buying too much junk and I’ve been loosing more than average this month BUT THEN I was invited to a party and for the first time in ages there was a BUFFET OF SWEETS!  I started modestly with one coconut cookie…….then a sliver of cake…..then a mouthwatering gooey chocolate-chip cookie….then there was delicious Moughli i haven’t had for so long…THEN another coconut cookie!  It was horrible I kept saying ok last sweet! Don’t ruin all the hard work you’ve done this month! Did I listen to myself? Nope……

So Now my scale has whopped back up and I’m angry at myself.  And angry at my host for putting a lucious buffet…. Why couldn’t I just resist temptation and knock it off?  Too long without sugar is my answer!  Maybe if I just let myself have a “treat” a little more often then i wont be like a kid in a candy shop when I see a piece of sugar.  Could be…. Now I will have to really double the exersizes I need to do.


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