Weigh In #7

Salam and welcome to the Seventh Weigh in!

Begining: 108 kilos | 240 lbs

Weigh in: 92 kilos | 204 lbs

Loss of: 2 kilos | 4.4 lbs

Total Loss: 16 kilos | 35 lbs

Goal of: 70 kilos | 155 lbs

December was torture because my husband said he’d get me a surprise when i got under 90 kilos! I did try hard but I couldn’t do more than 2 kilo loss. Still it’s moving and when you put it all together like that it does give impressive numbers. So you see time flies but if you keep going even slowly it does add up. I’m almost to the 90 mark and tot he 200 mark, which will be awesome!!!! I did pass my origional first goal of 10 kilos in 10 months! From 104 (after birth total) to 94 last month and under it now within really 6 months. I’m happy and satisfied that I’m going to make it eventaully. I’ve slacked off on push-ups and sit-ups….. and I haven’t touched the other equipment in a while but the diet is going great. I’m learning to reist sweets more and control my eating size. I can feel uncomfortably full if I eat too much at once and it makes me feel just sick! I haven’t gotten very sweaty this month and that’s bad for me. I feel so lazy and tired all the time and may hair is everywhere. I feel like a cat. My hair is just falling out very quickly. I’m not sure why…maybe lack of vitamins… so I need to make sure I’m getting enough veggies! Everytime I brush it maybe a hundred strands are gone. It i rub my hair maybe ten are gone…. too much hair dying maybe? Maybe it’s brittle after all this coloring and changing it….. I do have fabulous conditioner I got at a salon in usa so that is saving it from falling out completly at once. It’s the new Year now and of course I have so many resolutions!!!! It’s the Islamic and the Christian New Years so close to each other! So I will do my writting more and I vow to do more exercizing and to meet each month’s goal of 2 kilos loss! I will start a blog http://americanmuslimawriter.blogspot.com/ and keep up with it.
So I hope all out there are keeping up their resolutions. This is the first year I’ve really made any (I used to think it’s corny and pathetic) and now I understand the determination needed to keep something going long term!