Weigh In #5

Salam and welcome to the Fifth Weigh in!

Begining: 108 kilos | 240 lbs

Weigh in: 96 kilos | 213 lbs

Loss of: 2 kilos | 4.4 lbs

Total Loss: 12 kilos | 26 lbs

Goal of: 70 kilos | 155 lbs

October was hard becuase I was depressed trying to organize the hosue and unpack lots of boxes. I re-arranged my whole house at least 4 times. It was difficult too to get my son settled thuogh my daughter loved going to the garden. We bought these camping chairs for picnics and now we keep them in the garden. I also had my 5 year wedding anniversary~! We didn’t do anything special because of finances but it was nice to know we’ve made it this far!
I got my exercize equipment out and tried them out (played with them) and did some new dances for fun. I used my precious money to buy two DVDs about arobics with specialty abs. More about that on another page…. I WATCHED the videos and later tried to do the easier one but my daughter wanted to do it with me and we only have one step stool so now i will have to wait until she’s at school and I’m not sleeping in the morning.
I had a few relapses while at the mall. Sneaking Baskin Robbins or a Hershey Pie But I paid the price of watching the scale pop back up to 97/98 a few times after i got it origionally down to 96.
Speaking of this weigh fluctuation I’m starting to learn if I hit 2 kilos loss mark, in the middle of the month, it takes me the rest of the month to keep it from going back up.
I enjoy my walks now to the mall (only 15 minutes away) and take the stroller with the kids. It get them out of the hosue and me too. I walk as quickly as I can without sweating too badly in my hijab. Remember people hijab for me normally isn’t hot unless it’s 50C/120F out, so for me to reach the stage of SWEATY HIJAB means I’m really uncomfortably hot and doing something that uses a lot of energy. It’s supposed to be cooler this month of Nov. but this is Arabian country so I’m not betting too badly on it. Last year was pretty hot still in Nov. If I don’t get out in the morning to the mall i haven to wait until nearly sunset or take a taxi because it’s too hot.


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