Weigh In #4

Salam and welcome to the Fourth Weigh in!

Begining: 108 kilos | 240 lbs

Weigh in: 98 kilos | 218 lbs

Loss of: 2 kilos | 4.4 lbs

Total Loss: 10 kilos | 22 lbs

Goal of: 70 kilos | 155 lbs

September was crazy because we had to move. I’m glad though because there was no way I was able to run around in hijab in this neighborhood! I lived in Sanaiyya (Industrial) Area of Al-Ain, UAE. Not only was it HOT HOT HOT outside but there are no trees. The only shade comes from the buildings and if there is no dust storm then it’s ok to walk to get a taxi or something but pleasure walking no way! Especailly not in hijab. I’m sorry but I will not show up at the mall in a sweaty hijab! I’ve taken my kids out a few times just to get used to walking around and such at the mall. But then it was PACKING PACKING PACKING.
Now our new home is near Al-Ain Mall and I love it, it has a small garden that I love. Though now it’s just weeds and dead short palm trees the dreams are filling my hubby and my head about how it CAN be. Within a week of moving in my hubby had someone clear the rubbish and flatten the land. We planted randomly a few flwers and my hubby threw food stuff seeds all over the ground so we’ll see how those turn out heh…..
I found my exercize equipment as I was packing and carefully remebered which box I put it in to take out later. My Goal is to Loose at minimum 2 kilos per month. If I only loose one i will be happy because my origional agreement is to loose 10 kilos in 10 months and 20 kilos by 20 months. The faster the better as long as they stay off though.