Weigh In #3

Salam and welcome to the Third Weigh in!

Begining: 108 kilos | 240 lbs

Weigh in: 100 kilos | 222 lbs

Loss of: 4 kilos | 8 lbs

Total Loss: 8 kilos | 18 lbs

Goal of: 70 kilos | 155 lbs

All of Aug. was so very difficult in life becuase of the hassles and pain of breastfeeding problems that eating less became second nature. Yet I was happy to step on my trusty scale on Sept. 1st, and see a drop of 4 kilos|8lbs! This kilo/lbs conversion is making it hard to calculate everything. So I go mainly with kilos and the lbs is an approx number ok. (Kgx2.22=Lbs)
My tummy feels slightly lighter on the upper abs but the lower still is sagging from the babies it’s carried. I haven’t delt with exercize for healing reasons and that will come later…