Weigh In #1

Salam and welcome to the FIRST Weigh in!

Begining: 108 kilos | 240 lbs

Weigh in: 108 kilos | 240 lbs

Loss of: 0 kilos | 0 lbs

Total Loss: 0 kilos | 0lbs

Goal of: 70 kilos | 155 lbs

So July is going well. I have gained total in my (2nd) pregnancy 10 kilos | 22 lbs from 98|218 to 108|240. Mainly I didn’t over gain because I was working for the majority of the pregnancy at a pre-school and runinng after those kids and then dealing with housework and taking care of my first child kept me on my feet. Also I continued to eat basically what I wanted but tried to implement the ideas from Paul McKenna’s Book: I Can Make You Thin (blog about that later)

It’s a good starting point and I’m happy I didn’t balloon up to 115 kilos like I did with my first pregnancy.